Supplier Diversity Consulting

Let us help you plan and manage a world-class supplier diversity program

Many Companies recognise that having a supply chain that is representative of their customer base makes good business sense. It is a business strategy for innovation, creativity and expertise.

The Supplier Diversity business case generally falls into 3 catergories:


Compliance can be seen in policies such as the Indigenous Opportunities Policy (Fed Govt.) and the NSW Governments Aboriginal Participation in Construction Guidelines. Compliance opportunities can also be seen in communities with Native Title Agreements such as the Kimberly where companies have targets for engaging Indigenous suppliers as part of major projects on Indigenous owned land.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility opportunities are evident in many Supply Nation member Reconciliation Action Plan’s These plans often include targets for how they will ensure Indigenous suppliers have the opportunity to be included in their supply chains.

Competitive Advantage

Competitive Advantage is not always about price. Particularly in Australia a competitive advantage may be a local business that operates in a remote location. It may also be about innovation. Competitive advantage of small business generally is the ability to respond quickly and often at much lower cost.

Fivegrants understands that many Australian companies have made a commitment to Closing the Gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people through their Reconciliation Action Plans and Supply Nation membership. We believe that an effective Indigenous supplier program is a key component of these commitments. Our services include:

  • Developing your business case for including Indigenous suppliers in your supply chains
  • Complete policy and procedures package
  • Comprehensive staff training and communication programs
  • Supplier matching service
  • Supplier development program
  • Reporting and measurement tools

We can also assist with the development of supplier diversity programs that include Women owned businesses and Social Enterprises.


Through the delivery of The First Step, Jocelyn's ethusiasm and passion for supplier diversity and growing Indigenous business has shown. Her energy is infectious and she has brought many members from little or no knowledge to knowledgable supplier diversity champions.

Kristal Kinsella - Supply Nation

"...Garry is a natural story teller (and mentor) and his way of communicating the basics of what it takes and means to go into business for your self or with your family is second to none..."

Carmel Penny - IBA

"...she was brilliant and we were given more advice than we knew we needed. What we liked the most about the service was the prompt and business like approach. Jocelyn understood us and helped us to achieve more successful outcomes for our business..."

Lynne Carey - Waratah Signs of the Highlands

Recently Fivegrants completed development on marketing material for Awabakal Pre-School.

Awabakal Pre-School.

We are in every city, every town and Indigenous people will play an increasingly important role in the future and prosperity of Australia.”
Fivegrants recently developed Yarnteens Reconciliation Action Plan.

Reconciliation Australia


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